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The First REO Bulldogs
"How do you sell an REO that is as distraught as a New York alley? You turn it into a home people actually want to go into. You turn it into a home that if they were to look at every other home, they could only say there is no home like this home."

Signup today for our snow removal services

Our company is offering competively priced snow removal for residential and commercial properties in Northern Colorado. Sign-up today for the 2011-2012 season and we will guarantee a "Same Day Shovel" whenever it snows. If you are interested in our Same Day Shovel program, or just need your driveway shoveled visit our Contact Us page.

A new beginning for your properties

Genesis Preservation is a National Property Preservation company based in Colorado. We provide a wide range of services to the foreclosed, rental, and leased properties. Our contractors undergo extensive training under HUD, Asset Management, and Client Specific Regulations. We currently provide our services in many states and are rapidly expanding our contractor base to serve more clients.

About us

When it comes to performing work and servicing homes, our bottom line isn't money or the investors who have put money into foreclosures. Our bottom line is the agents who sell the homes. Our bottom line is the bank that has a foreclosure eating at its finances. What makes Genesis Preservation different is that it wants to see foreclosures sold by "creating new beginnings".

Services we offer


We offer a wide range of services inluding Property Preservation, REO Services, Evictions, and Vacant Property Registration. More »

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pistureOur vendors can complete work within 48 hours. Schedule a vendor to come and visit your property at your earliest convienance. More »


"Our vision is to take a distraught REO that no one would want to invest in, and to make it the

only REO they would want to invest in."